Grant Program

To help support history educators in the classroom, ACHE is offering grants to support teachers in the areas of history or technology professional development, digital classroom resources or subscriptions, and physical classroom resources. We’re offering up to $500 per grant project to ACHE members, and we’ll be awarding grants monthly on a rolling basis.

If you’d like to apply for a grant, please submit your application via this Google Form:

For more information about the grant program, please see the Q&A below:

  • What are the qualifications to apply for a grant?
    • Must be an active ACHE member (join here)
    • Project must be affiliated with an Arizona school
  • How much money can I request?
    • Any amount up to $500 per grant
  • How can I use the money?
    • Grants may be used to purchase digital or physical classroom resources, digital subscriptions, and history or technology professional development
  • When do I have to use the money?
    • All grant funds must be used by the end of the awarded school year
  • Can I be awarded more than one grant?
    • You can apply for multiple grants but may only be awarded one grant per school year
  • Can I be awarded a grant if another teacher from my school has already been awarded a grant?
    • Yes, we are not limiting the number of grants awarded per school
  • Do I have to apply for the full $500?
    • No, you may apply for any amount up to $500
  • How are the grants awarded?
    • Grants are reviewed by the ACHE Board utilizing the rubric found here
  • When is the deadline for grant submission?
    • Grants will be reviewed on a rolling basis at the board meeting held on the first Wednesday of each month
  • When will I be notified if I receive the grant?
    • Notification of the award will take place following the board meeting each month
  • Do I need permission from my school?
    • All digital resources must be cleared through your district IT to ensure they will be accessible to students, and if you are awarded a grant, you will be asked for proof of approval from your district (email, digital form)
  • What obligations do I have after I receive the funds?
    • You will need to submit receipts of purchases
    • You will be asked to submit a summary of key takeaways/impacts from the training or resources utilized
    • You must be willing to share with ACHE any lesson plans, assessments, or activities developed as a result of the grant
  • How do I apply?